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One year of TED picks. (4-4-10 to 4-4-11)

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Some I like and agree with some I just thought were interesting.

Google’s driverless car

It’s time to question bio-engineering
Lot of crazy awesome things. Ignore the last ethics blurb.

Printing a human kidney

Understanding cancer through proteomic
Interesting intro to proteomics.

How to use experts
Experts suck.

The linguistic genius of babies

Born to Run

How I built a toaster from scratch
Milton Friedman’s pencil again.

Your brain on improve

Collaborative Consumption
We don’t need the rule of law to engage in economic activity.
As the cost of knowledge drops it is less costly for people to self-organize.
Sharing resources, the power drill example is great.
Loved this she even brings up reputation networks.

Parenting Taboos (

Why not eat insects

Why work does’t happen at work
The analogy of work/thinking with sleep rings with me. I think the other stuff is a bit over the top.

A theory of beauty
An argument for a non-subjective definition.


Games and the Brain

The Brain in your gut

I am my connectome (Brain)

The quantified self

How pig parts make the world turn
The reverse but reminds me of what Milton Freedman use to do with a pencil.

Our Natural Sleep Cycle

Child driven education

The oldest living things

keep your goals to yourself

Monkey economy
She is a dirty hippie and takes the wrong lessons from her research but the research is still interesting.

When ideas have sex

I just like Mandelbrot…

Legos for grownups

Learning disorders
Diagnose them with the machine that looks at the brain not by behavior.

The pattern behind self-deception

How architecture helped music evolve

4-chan: Case for anonymity

Lawrence Lessig: Re-examining the remix | Video on

Lessons from fashion’s free culture

Why I’m a weekday vegetarian


Software Spots Spin In Political Speeches

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

According to an article in NewScientist Tech, there is now software that can identify the amount of spin in a politician or candidate’s speech.  The article goes on to analyze the amount of spin in each of the candidates running for president.  Obama spins the most while McCain clinically depressed.

In another article about six months ago recall reading about new software to detect lies from phone calls.

Think of a new reality TV show which shows politicians being monitored while speaking.  I imagine it would be a strange mix of candid camera and the morning political talk shows.  The right producers could make it rather funny and at the same time inject a bit of wonkishness into the American population.

Stanford To Offer Free CS and Robotics Courses

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

“Stanford University will soon begin offering a series of 10 free, online computer science and electrical engineering courses. Initial courses will provide an introduction to computer science and an introduction to field of robotics, among other topics. The courses, offered under the auspices of Stanford Engineering Everywhere(SEE), are nearly identical to standard courses offered to registered Stanford students and will comprise downloadable video lectures, handouts, assignments, exams, and transcripts. And get this: all the courses’ materials are being released under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.”