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Phone Data Plans: Why not offer rollover?

In my last post I argued that throttling a users bandwidth after they exceed a monthly usage cap is a reasonable way of providing customers with a service free of data overage changes while still limiting the amount of data consumers can download.

An alternative to throttling, that provides some protection from overage fees, is giving consumers data rollover. It would function identically to rollover minutes and for many provide smoothing required not to incur data overage charges.

Better yet though, add rollover to plans with throttling.  Throttling is protection from overage charges and rollover is protection against throttling.

If I was to create a set of plans with the general customer in mind I would market them based off the unthrottled bandwidth they provide and almost silently include unlimited throttled bandwidth. I would offer a rollover option that does not reset at the beginning of the year but cap the amount of data that can be accrued to 3x the plans data.

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